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  • Supply our customers with products and services that meet their quality expectations, and
  • While taking into consideration the risks and opportunities affecting the quality management system, enhance the satisfaction of customers, employees and shareholders via continuous improvement activities in all fields of operation, which involve all the personnel.
MilSOFT's Process Maturity Level:
CMMI Maturity Level 5
MilSOFT owns the following Quality Certificates:
NATO AQAP-2110: (NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development and Production)
NATO AQAP-2210: (Supplementary Software Quality Assurance Requirements to AQAP 2110)
NATO AQAP-160: (NATO Integrated Quality Requirements for Software throughout the Life Cycle)
TSE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 (Design and Delivery of System and Software Development, Installation and Maintenance)
TS ISO / IEC 27001:( Information Security Management Systems-Policy)
MilSOFT's Quality Management System uses the following standards as a basis:
  • Project Management: Project Management Institute Practices
  • System Engineering: EIA/IS-632, IEEE 1220
  • Software Engineering: IEEE/EIA 12207, MIL-STD 498
  • Configuration Management: MIL-STD-973, ANSI/IEEE 1042, IEC/ISO 15846
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