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We are looking for Business Development Manager, who will be responsible for following activities. Please write a short essay for your application including your Marketing and Business Development experience in Public / Defence Sector and knowledge of markets, competitors, partners and decision makers.

Implementing and maintaining the following duties:
Introducing MilSOFT solutions/products to potential customers and exploring Business
Potentials nationally and internationally.
Preparing and attending national and international exhibitions.
Preparing and executing Business & Marketing Plans.
Defining the Business Opportunities.
Gathering information on customers/competitors/possible partners.
Building relationships with potential customers and business partners.
Generating leads for possible sales.
Analyzing Business Opportunities including;
o o Research new opportunity, evaluation of opportunity, preparing feasibility analysis (FA), planning of action items, analyzing the competitors and partners, coordinating the technical personnel and works to be done
Pursuing the Business Opportunities;
o o Following the progress on business opportunity closely in every phases and periodically, giving inputs to shape up the activities of the company
o o Supporting other marketing activities
Military service must be completed or be deferred at least 3 years for male candidates. Workplace is in Ankara. Please apply online to fill job application form on www.milsoft.com.tr or send your CV using with ikd@milsoft.com.tr e-mail address and specify position reference number. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted only.
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