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MilSOFT proved her maturity 5th time as being CMMI Level-5!

MilSOFT Yazılım Teknolojileri A.Ş. (MilSOFT) renewed her CMMI Level 5 certification.

MilSOFT had reached to CMMI Level 5 on February 24, 2005 as the first Company in Europe reached that level and the 40th Company all around the world. With this success, Turkey had become the 9th country in the world and MilSOFT became the 1st Company in Europe to rank this level.

After second assessment on February 15th, 2008, MilSOFT had become one of the Top-20 companies throughout the World who achieved to Level 5 according to the CMMI-DEV version 1.2 rules. The renewed CMMI-5 certificate of MilSOFT CMMI-DEV (v1.2) Level 5 had a much more complex assessment than its first version CMMI-5. With this new improved version of CMMI the quality management in organization level has been taken to a new extent. Again on February 25th, 2011, MilSOFT managed to maintain her CMMI Level 5. On December 20, 2013; MilSOFT again is certified as CMMI Level 5.

After the last assessment, completed on December 05, 2016; MilSOFT again is certified as CMMI-5, and has the honor of holding CMMI Level 5 certification for the forth time, and as the only company in Turkey.

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is an evaluation model developed by Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of Carnegie Mellon University and the pioneers of the Software Industry with the support of the US Federal Government. The first methodology developed by this group was Capability Maturity Model (CMM), which is not valid any more; but, it was understood that CMM was not enough to bring System Engineering and SW Engineering together and then CMMI was developed to answer this missing part. Companies are able to measure the capability maturity level, in other words they are able to present the quality of their software and capability of their software development processes by using this model. Model grades the companies from 1 to 5 an in-depth after extensive assessment process by the control of auditors assigned by SEI.

CMMI also means that supplier and buyer have the same way of doing a business and speak the same language. Therefore, chances of acquiring contracts in international markets become much higher for a CMMI Level 5 company.

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