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Sea Hawks will fly with Turkish Software
MilSOFT Software to Sea Hawks Helicopters
BT News, 17 December 2000

Mission computer software of Maritime helicopters produced by Sikorsky Aircraft are being developed for the first time by a Turkish firm called MilSOFT.
Turkish Software to Sea Hawks
Financial Form, 13 January 2001

The Turkish firm MilSOFT took mission in new software development activities of Sea Hawk S-70 B helicopters. MilSOFT is known as the first Turkish firm to join JWID-2000 NATO exercise with her own software.
Sea Hawks will Fly with Turkish Software
Hürriyet, 13 January, 2001

For the first time a Turkish Firm named MilSOFT took part in the works of new software development of Seahawk S-70 B helicopters. Headquarters located in Ankara, MilSOFT signed the contract last month and had been given the development of mission computer work after negotiations held following the evaluation of the company within last year by Sikorsky authorities for her technical and administrative infrastructure.
Ortadogu, 13 January 2001

For the first time a Turkish firm called MilSOFT took part in the software development of Sea Hawk S-70 B helicopters. MilSOFT is the first Turkish firm to join JWID-2000 practice.
Turkish Software to Sea Hawks
Radikal, 13 January 2001

For the first time a Turkish firm MilSOFT has taken part in the development of new software for Sea Hawk S70B helicopters. Necessity for a new software occurred in the systems identified as mission computer in helicopters as the configuration of the Sikorsky Aircraft produced Sea Hawks have changed and as they are replaced with modern cockpit structure.
SeaHawk Mission Computer Software from MilSOFT
Defense, Aviation, 2000-5

Undersecretariat for Defense Industries is managing the supply of SeaHawk S-70B Anti-Surface/Anti-submarine warfare helicopters via direct purchase within the project started to supply the maritime helicopter need of Turkish Navy.
Sikorsky Helicopters will work with Turkish Software
Aksam, 13 January 2001

Sikorsky helicopters will function with Turkish Software Computer software that will control the Sea Hawk S-70 B helicopters will be prepared with the support of a Turkish Firm named MilSOFT.
NATO Helicopters to Fly with Turkish Software
Turkish Daily News, 13 January 2001

Nato S-70 B SeaHawk helicopters could be soon equipped with software written by a Turkish company.

Turkish software company MilSOFT has been commissioned with taking part in software development studies aimed at fitting out the Sikorsky S-70 Seahawk helicopter, the Anatolia news agency reported yesterday. When the naval helicopter undergoing a cockpit and configuration facelift, the need for new software became apparent. The most important element combining all the different on-board computers that make this helicopter a potent weapons and sensor platform is the software. The Turkish company MilSOFT Software Technologies A.S has been tasked with helping write this new software.

The Sikorsky company had earlier conducted technical and administrative studies at the company to assess its suitability and then talks were held. The contract we reportedly signed last month. The MilSOFT company has sent its software writers and engineers to Sikorsky Aircraft facilities in Connecticut in the United States. They will work as part of a bigger team and will contribute to all stages of the project from determining the architecture of the software and the specifics of the hardware through to design and integration tests up to the flight testing stage. The company is already well known in NATO for representing Turkey at an all-systems interoperability exercise called JWID-2000 (Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration). The managing director of MilSOFT Ismail Basyigit told reporters it is vital for the private Sector to be encouraged to participate in that country's defense industry in order to make it globally competitive and to ensure its survival.

Mission Computer Software from MilSOFT
Turkish Defence-Aerospace, January 2001

Early in’00, Sikorsky Aircraft completed a lengthy technical and administrative study Into MilSOFT which resulted with the Turkish software company's listing in the 'Sikorsky Aircraft Certified Subcontractors', based on its engineering Infrastructure, NATO certification and qualities In the field of software development. This was then followed by negotiations with MilSOFT for cooperation in mission computer software development.

As a result of negotiations with Sikorsky Aircraft in October, MilSOFT has been awarded the contract for the development of the mission computer software for the S-70B SeaHawk ASW/ASUW (AntiSubmarine Warfare/AntiSurface Unit Warfare) and attack/reconnaissance helicopters of the Turkish Naval Forces Command.

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